Sunday, September 18, 2022


 Forget, forget, keep inside, keep inside, move on, move on, be selfish, be selfish, ignore, ignore, harden, harden


 So i learned my lessons. Keep everything inside. Lest you want to feel like some baby to others, you keep any sadness inside. Let it rot inside you with you. In the end, it will rot with you

And so, pretend, prentend, pretend. It will make everything easier. 

You, you and you

 Why, yes... Of course my sadness and corcerns are not as important as you, you and you. It's not too much to say, in general I'm not as important as you, you and you. 


Keraslah wahai hati. Kerana kekerasan itu yang akan melindungi hati dari tusukan punahnya harapan. 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Escape 2

It is an affair based on mutual needs. I need an escape, you need... Whatever it is that you need from me. I know there's never love between us, and most of the time, I am fine with it. I'm just grateful to be granted this relationship with no label that we have. 

Monday, September 12, 2022


 You're an escape. My escape.

I met you 9 months ago. God knows why i picked you. You've only got 2 pictures in your profile, barely 5 words on self description, and i swiped right on you. At 1st we clicked right away, talking about stupid, silly, nonsense things. I immediately am sold. Yes, i am that easy. But after the shine starts to wear off, we slowly drift apart. You're not the kind to entertain crap from the likes of me. None of them are. It didn't matter, you're just one of many.

March came, and i get to escape. And you joined in my escape, and we started again, slowly. We connect occasionally, steadily. We showed a bit of our selves, i discovered bits and pieces of you. But like one of many, I am just a side show, and that's enough for me. Beggar can't be chooser.

We finally met when i escaped again. Hunger brought me there. We connected deeper. Thus began our daily affair... 

Thursday, August 18, 2022


 Well, hello there, my old haunt. 9 years had already gone by, so much had happen, and yet nothing changed. I'm still the girl person who kept whining, just not that publicly anymore. I learned to keep some of it bottled inside. I'm still with so much negative outlook on my life.  But throughout these years, it's so much better and easier to act like everything is ok, like there's no demon in my head, talking back to me. Ignorance is bliss.