Tuesday, April 23, 2013

i have a crush, and then im crushed. boooo!

Lately, i kinda started to like this 1 guy.... and as always, this 1 guy only thinks of me as a friend, and i end up being the one who..... how to say... terhegeh-hegeh? hahahaha... damit... how stupid can i be to even think that he might actually like me? why am i so easy to like someone? damit...damit..damit.. how do i unlike him.. just because he treats me nicely for sometimes, im quick to assume that he likes me. this is stupid. i should have accept fate and live with it. why life in denial, keep believing that eventually someone would 'see' me. and this is the 1st time that i really like someone after that wreck. and this happen. hahahhaa. why am i so pathetic... i feel like crying, but these days, my tears arent that easy anymore. guess i grew up. i need to grow up. seriously. anyway, im sad. it's teenage emotion all over again. wuuuu

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